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L98A2 Initial Weapons Training and DCCT Simulation

4 of our cadets completed an Initial Weapons Training on the L98A2 Cadet Rifle.

This included learning about the principles of marksmanship, characteristics of the rifle, stripping, cleaning and reassembling the rifle, and many more brilliant skills.

On completion of their training, they all passed their Weapon Handling Tests and progressed onto a DCCT (Dismounted Close Combat Trainer) Range, an incredible piece of technology that simulates a live firing range, just in a computerised format with no live ammunition. 

Shooting 5 rounds per point at 4 points on a target, they all successfully completed the shoot and achieved groupings close enough to qualify for the Silver Trained Shot bade: 78mm, 65mm, 51mm and 37mm, all under the 85mm pass mark.

Another cadet also attended the weekend's activities, however only for a Weapon Handling Test and DCCT simulation on the Saturday as they had already trained on the rifle. With a brilliant grouping of 28mm on their shoot, they also qualified for the Silver Trained Shot badge, meaning that a total of 5 badges were awarded at the end of the weekend!

The L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifle
Length: 26ft 10in (8.18m)

  • Magazine Capacity: 30x 5.56mm rounds

  • Robust

  • Accurate

    The L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle (GP - General Purpose) is the advanced rifle used by the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force Air Cadet for shooting. This weapon was introduced alongside the SA80 series from 1989 onwards for cadet use, as at the time cadets were only allowed to fire semi-automatic weapons. 


The Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT Range)

The Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) allows cadets to shoot weapons via a computer simulation system in a controlled environment before progressing to firing cadet rifles on the ranges. 

The software used provides constructive feedback as it analyses barrel movement, trigger pressure, cantor angles and butt pressures allowing cadets to visualise how to improve their marksmanship skills.

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