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Gliding at RAF Kenley

Our Flight Sergeant and one of our Corporals had the amazing opportunity to go gliding at 615 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, our local VGS based at RAF Kenley.

They both had two flights in the Viking T1, a glider capable of high performance flying and simple aerobatics. During these flights, they experienced a winch launch, learned about the importance of thermals when soaring and the basic principles of gliding, even taking the controls themselves.

They also got involved in the launching of other gliders, helping to provide cadets from around the wing a successful launch and therefore experience.

The Grob G 103A Twin II Acro, known as the Viking T1
Length: 26ft 10in (8.18m)

  • Wingspan: 57ft 5in (17.50m)

  • Maximum speed: 119kt (220km/h)

  • Maximum altitude: 8,000ft

    The Viking T1 is used by the RAFAC to give basic gliding training to air cadets.  Nine Volunteer Gliding Squadrons operate the type at locations around the UK, training air cadets to a standard sufficient for them to fly solo.  The RAF Central Gliding School at RAF Syerston also uses the Viking, for VGS instructor training. 

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