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This is the third edition of our interviews with cadets on the squadron, revealing more about the activities that are available to them, and the useful experiences that have helped to develop their personalities.

The interviewee for this edition is Cadet (now Corporal) Kristian Back:


You have only been a cadet for a few months, what made you want to join the squadron?

I wanted to join the squadron because my cousins loved the Air Cadets and said it benefited their lives and when I came that first evening it made me realise why they loved it.


What is the activity you have enjoyed most in the time you have been with us?

The activity I enjoyed the most would be using the flight simulator, the reason is because not only is it great fun and makes you think but it is an opportunity I would have never got before joining the cadets.


Do you think being a cadet will help you in later life and if so, how?

I believe for me I can already see the cadets helping my life in so many ways such as communication, organisation and confidence in myself. I really believe no matter what I do these things will help me in my future life.


Where do you see yourself after another year or so as a cadet?

I see myself in a year being a maybe a Corporal but definitely a more experienced and confident person with higher self-esteem.  


If you were to give one piece of advice to a twelve or thirteen year old who was thinking of joining the RAF Air Cadets what would it be?

Don’t hesitate about joining, just do it and take every opportunity that arises and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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