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This is the first edition of our interviews with cadets on the squadron, revealing more about the activities that are available to them, and the useful experiences that have helped to develop their personalities.

First, the interviewee is 15 year old Corporal (now Flight Sergeant) Max Stanford Taylor:


Hi Max, you have been a cadet for nearly three years, in that time what is the most interesting activity you have been involved in?


The most interesting activity for me was definitely NASA, it was an opportunity I don't think I would have ever had a chance at otherwise and it left me with many new skills and experiences.


How about the activity that you most dreaded but tried anyway?


I think my most dreaded activity was probably going to [RAF] Boulmer for the first time, this was mainly due to going with a different wing and also being a new cadet.


You have recently come back from a Sussex Wing trip to NASA, can you tell us what you most enjoyed about this trip?


I think getting a chance to work with people I didn't previously know to complete a series of tasks I wouldn't have attempted at home in a so seemingly similar, but hugely different, culture was an amazing experience.


Is there anything that you have done with the squadron that you don’t think you would have been involved with were it not for being a cadet?


I definitely think I wouldn't have even thought about getting my amateur radio licence if it hadn't have been for cadets.


How does it feel as a Corporal to be in a position of authority over other cadets of the same or similar age to you?


It is a more difficult job than it may seem at first, having to distance yourself from people that you get on very well with was a big jump for me but I feel it has helped me with my confidence and self motivation.


Do you feel that anything you have experienced or learnt in your time as a cadet will benefit you in your working life?


I think all of the careers advice and opportunities we are given as cadets will really impact my working life, previously I was unaware of some of the amazing experiences afforded to the service men and women of the RAF.


Any ambitions as a cadet yet to be fulfilled?


I am pretty satisfied with what I have done so far but am looking forward to more flying and to shoot the L98 rifle.


If you were to give one piece of advice to a twelve or thirteen year old who was thinking of joining the RAF Air Cadets what would it be?


Don't be afraid to get well and royally stuck in to every opportunity you are given.

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